Themeisle Premium WordPress Review: A Pirates Adventure

Themeisle Premium WordPress Theme Review

A pirate’s adventure is where all the fun is at! We recently decided to test out Themeisle premium WordPress themes and were thoroughly impressed. How much you might ask? Enough to design our website using the Zerif Pro theme. Last year, we tinkered with the lite version of Zerif Pro for a 1-time project for a client of ours. We were amazed to find it so easy to use and very well visually represented. Very easy to install and self-explanatory when enabling the 12 various sections on the homepage.


Choosing the Zerif Pro Theme

When choosing a theme for iBrain Web Marketing we wanted a visual wow effect, simple and highly flexible. Using the Zerif Pro theme, you have the option to keep it as a 1-page website or you can also build out the internal pages. We chose to utilize the internal pages for SEO reasons and to further expand on our service offerings. The theme came SEO ready and works with a variety of plugins to get the customized functionality you are looking for. Zerif is already packed with great out of the box features but sometimes you want a little more.

The Zerif Pro theme offers sections like an About, Portfolio, Contact, Email Sign Up, Focus, Team, Testimonials and Google Maps. Each of these sections have their own customization options to create your desired look and feel. If you ever find yourself stuck, you can submit a support ticket or consult their online help guides. We found the Zerif Pro help guides to be very well written. The guides have small video tutorials to walk you through how to customize your site.

Themeisle Professional Support

The team at Themeisle are one of a kind and very professional with their support. Most tickets are answered within 24 hours. The only downside is they do not offer CSS support. Themeisle outlines it on their website as this offering is beyond their scope of services. We think this would be a much added-value service to offer as an add on to their packages or bundle it in. They do however will try and steer you in the right direction.

Themeisle WordPress Theme Shop

Themeisle’s WordPress theme shop is unique because every theme offers a pro and lite version as well as a live demo. If you are a hands on type personality, the lite versions are free and allow you to test drive the products before making the pro purchase. In addition to the theme offerings, Themeisle has plugins that you can purchase as well, all of which they developed. The plugins are designed to enhance the already awesome functionality their themes offer!

Final Thoughts With Using Themeisle Themes

If you are building only 1 website it may be viable to purchase just 1 theme. With their pricing structure you have a much better package offering when purchasing a bundle, which also includes support. We chose the Pirate Club. Purchasing as a bundle allows you as a business owner to run multiple websites for a much lower price.

Are you a small business owner looking for a viable website solution? Partnering with iBrain Web Marketing and using a Themeisle premium WordPress theme you are bound to make an impact on your website audience. Wow your customers with a great user experience and watch your sales increase.

We prefer you to purchase the theme on your own so you retain all of the rights. Click below to get started and we will help you make a selection.

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