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How Social Media Marketing Can Fit With Your Digital Strategy


Social media marketing can help bring in additional exposure and traffic to your website. While there can be hundreds of social media choices, that doesn't mean you need to be on all social networks. One of the most important things you can do is listen and understand what is important to your customers. When you create content for social media your objective is to add value and not clutter up the space.

Picture social media as a give and take. You add value by sharing content but you also need to interact with your audiences. When you don't interact then it's possible that your followers feel your only there to push out content and it's all about you. Keep your responses professional but don't be afraid to jump in on the conversation!

Digital, Content and Social Media Marketing Compliment the Overall Digital Strategysocial media marketing mobile

Social media and content marketing can tie in well together and really compliment the overall digital strategy. Digital marketing is the collection of several components working together to produce exposure through various channels. Not everyone will convert on the first try. It takes multiple attempts for them to see your content and as they go through the funnel then that funnel leads to a conversion.

You may be wondering is it ok to recycle content? The answer is yes! It is a very competitive online space so your audience may not always see the content you produce. In addition to recycling content it would be good to add your own spin on it when sharing your audiences content. It all goes back to people wanting to add value to what they already have and keep the clutter to a minimal.

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