How Search Engine Optimization Can Help Grow Your Business


You might be new to SEO or have heard these 3 letters thrown around time to time and just not quite sure what it is. Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is define by Moz as the act of producing higher quality and quantity of your website traffic through organic search engine results.

SEO being an active discipline of digital marketing takes time and effort when done correctly. When you build a brand new website it can easily take 6-12 months to gain traction. The great convenience of search engine optimization is you can make changes at anytime but you have to wait for the search engines to pick up on your changes before you'll start seeing results.

seo processes

Search Engine Optimization is more than just writing great content featuring the keywords you want to show up for. There is a technical component as well that needs to be integrated into your site. Technical SEO isn't typically seen by your site visitors but rather is read by Google and other search engines to better categorize your website. When you are properly categorized you begin showing up for more relevant searches. In the end content and technical SEO are a match made in heaven. Learn how to amplify your content through content marketing to extend your reach.

Local Search

Local search is a critical component of SEO and can help start or grow your business! Any business has a wide array of options when it comes to finding their clients. One of the best ways of starting a business or looking to expand, is to start locally.


of all local searches begin with a search engine.

of consumers who performed a local search visited a store within 5 miles.

Consumers today have a variety of ways to search for local content across the web. This can involve smart phone mapping applications, search engines and even voice search. We can help you to get listed on many locally focused websites that provide information across the web to your target clients.

Physical local businesses have recently faced greater competition due to the online retailer boom. Regardless if you are in retail, accounting or HVAC industries YOU are considered a local business. With the inception of tools like Google and Apple Maps it created a bigger competition space by fighting for the top spot.

Consumers have more options to research their choices prior to making a selection. If you were to search for HVAC companies in Miami, FL you will find a very large selection. The companies that have a high star rating, close proximity to the searcher and frequency of reviews left for the business are the ones that will show up higher on the list. In all reality, most people won't research more than 2-3 companies. So we need to focus on making you STAND OUT.