CyberChimps Premium WordPress Themes Review: A Monkey’s Adventure

CyberChimps WordPress Themes Review

Here at iBrain Web Marketing, we have been using CyberChimps themes for quite some time now. The company had always provided innovative solutions and they are constantly coming out with new products. The out of the box features are phenomenal and there is still room for customization.

At the time of publishing this blog CyberChimps has a total of 54 different themes and plugins available for use. CyberChimps themes are targeted for small business owners, individuals, bloggers and everything in between. You will find a great selection of themes geared towards specific industries like Real Estate, Restaurants, Education, Music and many more. It’s almost as if you have a theme for any niche.

Within their theme store you are able to view the complete details of the features offered as well as viewing a live demo before deciding to purchase a theme. We recommend taking notes and comparing the features against your goals to target the desired audience.

We have been very pleased with their staff, products and excellent support CyberChimps has provided us.

Cyberchimps Promotional Bar Plugin

CyberChimps Premium WordPress Themes Pricing

CyberChimps currently operates on a yearly and monthly pricing model for their premium WordPress themes. You do get a better price of you prepay upfront. Occasionally throughout the year they will run special promotions. On average the cost is very reasonable starting at $67 per year for access to all of the themes and plugins. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time without a refund and retain use of what you downloaded. Keeping your subscription active will give you access to basic support, updates and big fixes.

CyberChimps Support and PLUS

With any purchase you get 1 year of support and it will continue as long as you renew your membership. The basic support covers standard questions of how something works or where to go and make the change. If you are looking for custom CSS support, then you will need to subscribe to the CyberChimps PLUS support. After signing up you will be given access to the premium forums. On occasion your request may extend beyond the custom CSS support. In this case you can submit a support request for further insight. When the CyberChimps team responds back they will let you know the outcome which may include paying for a customized request. Their rates for the PLUS program range from $6 (prepaid yearly) or $9/mo. Outside of CSS support they charge an hourly rate.

Partnering with iBrain Web Marketing

Being a CyberChimps partner we are familiar with many of their website themes and work closely with them to get the job done. iBrain Web Marketing would love to put together a total solution to achieve your goals.

Get Started below by clicking the banner and browsing around. We would be delighted to help you make a selection on your next WordPress Premium Theme from CyberChimps.

Cyberchimps premium wordpress themes

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