June 4, 2017

Content Marketing

Learn How Content Marketing Can Increase Your Exposure


Content marketing can increase your presence and expose your brand to potential customers you didn't know were out there. Living in a digital age produces a multitude of opportunities to share the message you want to convey to your customer base.  While millions of content pieces are produced daily, the question comes down to how will YOU stand out amongst your competition? Utilizing multiple platforms for your content marketing strategy can help drive traffic and awareness.

Platforms of Content Marketing:

  • Blogs allow your audience to learn something they did not know prior and establishes a connection
  • Social Media is great for establishing customer relations
  • Websites invite your visitors to learn about your businesscontent marketing
  • eMail Marketing gives your customers a chance to "stay in the know"
  • LinkedIn Pulse - learn why you should not ignore this platform

Benefits to Content Marketing:

  • Acquires links to your website
  • Builds brand authority
  • Establishes credibility
  • Attracts new audiences
  • Provides learning opportunities

With the content you produce the ultimate goal is to relate that to your audience. When you relate, you establish a connection with that individual and in turn they become more interested in who you are. When individuals become interested, at that point they are more willing to link to you and share your content. In the event you have a blogger stumble upon your content then it is very possible they may do a write up about you. Most bloggers are legit however you must approach guest blogging with caution. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. If you allow someone to write up a post about you or your business you give them full control
    1. I was recently featured in a blog post about High Cost of Living: How Do People Afford to Live In Expensive Areas
  2. Google frowns on exchanging funds for a write-up
  3. You need to consider the value of the content. If it will not enhance the blog then don't be a part of it. There is enough frail content out there on blogs.

Are you ready to create your content marketing strategy?